28 JANUARY 2022

Spiritus Stones is delighted to announce a special collaboration with Mark Ashmore:
Vedic astrologer, yogi and Kirtan musician.


The Calm Beads Collection


A modern interpretation of what some refer to as “worry beads”, celebrated by many cultures in their own special way. A mindfulness tool that exists to still the mind and elevate the spirit.

Constructed with A-grade gemstones, 14K Gold-filled hardware and mindfully hand-knotted between each bead for added strength and ease of use, this collection of 4 Calm Beads holds a special place in Spiritus Stones founder Adrian’s heart, “Coming from a Lebanese heritage, I remember during my childhood my grandfathers using their worry beads, referred to in Lebanon as a ‘Masabha’, as a relaxation tool whilst drinking their mid-morning coffee… they would roll the string of beads around in the palm of their hand to reset their minds at the start of each day. It’s quite extraordinary to see how our older generations had embraced mindfulness before we even gave it a name.

Collaborating with Vedic astrologer Mark Ashmore on this collection was a logical alignment for Spiritus Stones, a brand inspired by Adrian’s positive experiences with Vedic meditation, “I wanted to combine the ancient wisdom of Vedic practices with the traditional worry beads that have helped bring a higher sense of calm into the lives of many generations, not only in Lebanese families – as is my experience – but in both western and eastern cultures, transcending both ethnicity and spirituality.”

Each piece
in this collection is based on the 4 Purusarthas (The 4 Vedic Aims of Life),with each also connected to the 4 elements…

Dharma/Fire (Purpose)… Garnet
Artha/Earth (Abundance)… Golden Tigers Eye
Kama/Air (Love)… Madagascar Rose Quartz
Moksha/Water (Transformation)… Labradorite

Dharma Calm Beads


with Garnet, Citrine & 14K Gold

Vedic Aim of Life = Purpose
Element = Fire

FIRE contains the spark within us all to contribute to our fellow man. Through the inspiring flames of DHARMA we are inspired to lead a life that is full of authenticity, passion and purpose. A person with strong FIRE has the ability to ignite others on their path and invigorate whatever they do with courage and vitality. As we cultivate the FIRE within we find the inner willpower to take righteous action as the leader in our own destiny. DHARMA gives us the principles and recognition for our uniqueness and like the element FIRE we are full of life and fully digest and embrace the potential in front of us.

Artha Calm Beads


with Golden Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Citrine & 14K Gold

Vedic Aim of Life = Abundance
Element = Earth

The element of EARTH grounds us to the life-giving planet we are the custodians of. An EARTH type is very embodied, sensual and practical. A person with strong ARTHA has the capacity to hold space and accumulate inner and outer wealth. With this sustenance we are given the freedom to achieve the goals we set having more value in our lives. With a strong foundation we have strong self-worth and more so can be of value to our community and the planet. To be of service is the greatest achievement of all for an EARTH type building a successful and long-term contribution to pave the way for future generations.

Kama Calm Beads


with Madagascar Rose Quartz & 14K Gold

Vedic Aim of Life = Love
Element = Air

Kama in sanskrit translates as love, desire or pleasure. Those with strong AIR in their constitution are curious about the wonders of life and even more so the people that are in it. Seeking stimulation and exploring the five senses to the full AIR lightens any environment. As this intangible element moves and shifts we find our independence yet also the opposite need to share this with another. With swiftness and a contagious wanderlust KAMA is what brings us the longing for connection and more so to understand how we are connected in the first place. As we deepen this search for connection we discover the greatest joy of all - love.

Moksha Calm Beads


with Labradorite & 14K Gold

Vedic Aim of Life = Transformation
Element = Water

WATER flows through our veins, our waterways and our oceans. Both gently fluid and torrentially forceful WATER heralds in the spectrum of our emotions. Diving into our emotions we uncover the fathoms of spirit and our true longing from separation to wholeness. MOKSHA grants us the freedom to liberate. To enlighten. The ultimate seeking to transform, transmute and transcend into something greater than we already are yet ironically always were. From the individual to the divine. It is here in MOKSHA that we finally return home from duality to oneness. The oneness of our glorious spiritual heart that beats within us all.

I hope you feel the energy and the love that has gone into creating this special collection.


1- Hold the Calm Beads in the palm of your hand

2- Place your thumb on one of the gold beads

3- Move the bead strand around with your thumb, one bead at a time, until you do one full rotation. As your thumb touches each bead, breathe in and breathe out. If you have a mantra, you can recite that to yourself with each bead if you prefer.

4- Register how you feel.