Every Spiritus piece is made for everyone to enjoy: women, men or whatever your preference may be, so shop our website based on your taste, and please be mindful of your wrist size (for bracelets) and neck size (for necklaces).



Please select bracelets based on wrist size: Women are generally our small (15cm) to medium (17cm) sizes, while men are generally our medium (17cm) to large (19cm). If you don’t see an appropriate wrist size listed please send us a message through the Contact Us form and we will happily create a special size for you.

Wrist size is ascertained by simply measuring the circumference around your wrist where a bracelet would sit.



Please ensure the necklace length is appropriate in size to ensure comfort. Women can generally wear from 40cm length necklaces and above, while most men need a minimum 50cm necklace.



We will happily offer an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase on the basis the piece is in its original condition. Please refer to our Refunds & Exchanges page for more information.

We can often create special bracelet sizing for you if your size isn’t listed. Just send us a message through our Contact Us form and provide your wrist circumference size.