Spiritus Stones was founded in 2019, 3 years after founder, Adrian Kaleel, left his corporate job in Sydney with the intention of seeking a more meaningful existence. The catalyst of this move was a result of his experiences practicing Vedic meditation, an ancient form of meditation that clears ones mind of all the noise and brings clarity.

After leaving the rat race behind, Adrian embarked on a 2 year journey across the globe where he experienced various forms of healing practices in different cultures, and found healing stone jewellery to be a practice that transcended many ancient civilisations.

At the end of this 2 year journey Adrian met a Shaman in Mexico, named Pedro. After performing an ancient healing ritual on Adrian, Pedro gifted him with a Tiger’s Eye bracelet and began to explain the healing powers within this magnificent gemstone. The extraordinary feeling Adrian experienced afterwards as a result of understanding the symbolism of Tiger’s Eye, which represents the manifesting of our greatest dreams, was enough to inspire him to share this feeling with others.

Spiritus Stones handcrafts mindful jewellery from our Sydney workshop using natural gemstones, gold and silver, with each piece representing unique healing powers based on the gemstones and precious metals used.

Our gold hardware is 14K gold-filled, which is a unique process that offers a 100 times thicker gold coating than gold plating, and therefore offers many of the benefits of solid gold but at a lower price to our customers, reducing tarnishing and is safer for metal allergy sufferers. Our silver hardware is solid sterling silver.

We take a holistic approach to our business philosophy, so place great importance on MINDFUL creation of our product, to offer our customers a MINDFUL healing experience, and trigger MINDFUL social impact through our growing range of ethically created collections.

Our intention is to inspire the wearer to live their best life as a result of being more mindful of what’s truly important to them.