18 NOVEMBER 2021

The Mindful Gift Guide

Giving the gift of mindfulness this festive season is not only about showing loved ones how much we care, it's also about inspiring them to positively transform their lives into something even more extraordinary. We have created THE MINDFUL GIFT GUIDE to share our most loved creations, so you can inspire special souls in your life at this joyous time of year.

Inspire your loved ones to live a life of abundance, because they deserve the world, and more. The intention behind this collection is to shift you and your loved ones into an Abundance-mindset to realise that anything your heart desires is possible, you just need to believe in yourself. Featuring our bestselling Abundance bracelet, the fabulous new Abundance Crystal Kit, and other prosperity enhancing creations.

Offering the gift of love will show those important to you just how much you care. Our Love Bracelet with Madagascar Rose Quartz is a customer favourite, as is our new Sunrise Love chain which we created in a one-size adjustable gold chain to allow you and your soul mate to wear matching pieces, no matter what your wrist sizes. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, so the gift of love is something truly special.

Life is all about growth and transformation. Our Gift of New Beginnings collection offers the inspiration your loved ones need to evolve into the most glorious version of themselves, to live the life they are destined for. Our Transformation Bracelet with Fossil Coral is loved by the Spiritus community, while our new Sunrise Transformation Necklace shines with the rare Labradorite luminescence, serving up your destiny in a fabulous package.

Tis' the season to be joyous, so what better time to offer The Gift of Joy, and spread some festive cheer. This happy collection of mindful creations will offer loved ones the inspiration they need to live a more joyous life. We are excited to offer some special pieces here, with our new Good Vibes Ritual Kit, and the super popular Higher Optimism bracelet featuring our most beloved gemstone, Picasso Jasper. It's time to spread the joy...


After the year we have had, we all need some peace & quiet, right? The Gift of Peace collection will inspire a new found sense of calm into the lives of your loved ones. Our bestselling Halcyon bracelet, a collaboration with the fabulously chic Halcyon House hotel, is a curation of 3 rare and calming gemstones combined to bring that much needed balance and harmony back into life. Stay calm, we have what you need...


This special collection has been created to offer our young humans that much needed introduction to the world of mindfulness. We are excited to now offer a crystal kit for kids, the Young Human Crystal Kit... all they need to do is hold a gemstone in the palm of their hand and keep mindful of what it represents to feel inspired. Let's give our children the start they need to live a life full of courage, hope, joy and most importantly, love.