09 JULY 2021


The concept of New Beginnings has been a constant theme in my life in the last several years since I left the corporate world to fulfil my dreams of helping beautiful souls like yourself also discover what makes you happy. New Beginnings represents constant growth and evolution in life, whether we are talking about love, lifestyle, career or mindfulness practice.

I’m delighted to share with my Spiritus Tribe a fabulous edit of pieces that will inspire new beginnings in your life, along with my favourite Mexico holiday snaps, each holding a dear place in my heart as every moment contributed to the creation of Spiritus Stones.

Exploring the mayan ruins in tulum

The concept for the New Beginnings bracelet and Crystal Kit was inspired by the time I explored the Mayan ruins in Tulum, on my very first adventure in Mexico, vibrant green palm trees blowing in the wind, overlooking the magnificent azure-blue Caribbean sea, and it was that moment when I first realised there was no going back... I couldn’t return to my old life. This was the moment when I knew I had to take a leap of faith into the future, to let go of the fear that was holding me back. I hope these creations also inspire you to take a leap of faith...


Let’s all make a promise to each other to live our lives with a childlike sense of joy, to look towards the future with hope, and to let go of the fear that’s holding us back from living the life of our dreams.

The Sun-Seeker and Good Vibes bracelets are connected to my experience visiting Casa Pedregal, a special landmark just outside of Mexico City, a vibrant pink home designed by Luis Barragan, a truly brilliant Mexican architect. Luis wasn’t afraid of using colour in his homes, these colours inspired a newfound sense of joy in those fortunate enough to witness his creations. It was only right that I used Sunstone in these pieces because this rare stone inspires a sense of joy and freedom in the wearer. Let’s not be afraid of enhancing our lives with colour, doesn’t it just make you want to smile with joy?

AT MEXICAN architect luis barragan's casa

taking a dip in some magnificent natural springs near guadalajara

The Empowerment & Sea-Farer bracelets are inspired by my experiences in Puerto Vallarta, a beachside town made famous by Elizabeth Taylor because it’s where she filmed Night of the Iguana. It’s in this town where the whole concept of Spiritus Stones was formed, where I learnt how to create mindful jewellery from local artisans, the town that Empowered me to realise my purpose in life, to help YOU discover what also makes you happy.
In Puerto Vallarta I learnt courage, resilience, and how to make the perfect margarita cocktail, because let’s face it, life is all about balance, so let’s enjoy ourselves while we are here.

CELEBRATING MY 40th birthday at Isla holbox

The Mr Joy bracelet, what can I say, it’s all about injecting our lives with a childlike sense of joy. I celebrated my 40th birthday with good friends in Isla Holbox, an island nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. This bracelet should be used as a talisman for good energy as life is all about experiencing special moments with good friends, and special moments with yourself. I am proud to be the man I am today. A man who isn’t afraid to experience what life has to throw at me. A man who takes the good with the bad. Life is all about the balance, without challenging times, how can we appreciate the good times? Let’s go bravely into the future without regard for the repercussions, because we are on this earth to experience everything. True joy comes when we experience EVERYTHING.