Spiritus Stones




  • Upcycled paper beads
  • Upcycled brass bullet hardware
  • Necklace length: 80cm
  • Ethically handcrafted in Cambodia 
  • Packaging: Linen jewellery bag with product card highlighting healing symbolism of the piece. Packed in a Spiritus Stones box. All packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable.


This extraordinary necklace has been handmade by marginalised Cambodians who are working hard to make a much needed income to provide their families with a better future.

This piece is made using upcycled materials, with the brass hardware from repurposed bullets and the paper beads from old magazines.

What makes this piece so exceptionally rare is that the brass bullets used to create the hardware were used during the Khmer Rouge war, turning a means of violence into an opportunity to support those affected most by this challenging moment in history.

The featured brass hardware design has been inspired by the traditional Apsara dance of Cambodia, with the shape mimicking the delicate hand movements in this mesmerising dance which worships the spirits of nature.

The Apsara dance holds much national pride in Cambodia, particularly because during the Khmer Rouge reign from 1975-79, 90% of the country’s artists were killed, so it has been used as a symbolism of freedom ever since.

Spiritus Stones visited Cambodia in September 2019 to experience the impact the Khmer Rouge reign had on this magnificent country, and to handpick each piece to support the marginalised individuals that create them.


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