You will find the healing symbolism of our pieces within each product page. Please remain mindful that the healing properties described on our website are based on the symbolic meaning of the gemstones are not based on medical research.

We hope you are inspired by the gemstone healing symbolisms and use your knowledge of them to create intentions to live the most glorious life.



AMETHYST is one of the world's most revered stones and has held an important place in many civilisations. This powerful and protective stone has many benefits, including protection from  all types of harm, relieves stress and dissipates anger, and activates spiritual awareness and intuition.


CITRINE is the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Known as The Light Maker, it carries the power of the sun, absorbing negative energy and infusing your spirit with positive vibes. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination, and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. Offering the motivation to accomplish your goals, this stone is also known for attracting abundance and prosperity.


FOSSIL CORAL is a stunning stone formed by ancient corals, and often found in the mountains of Indonesia or by the warm Florida shores. This ancient stone takes over 20 million years to form. Fossil Coral is a grounding stone that brings about change, opens the door to love, increases vitality and enhances longevity.


HOWLITE is a beautifully inspiring and calming stone which encourages you to let go of attachments that are causing you stress and encourages you to enjoy life in all its glory.


LABRADORITE is the stone of transformation. This magical gemstone shimmers with iridescent blues and greens, almost as if it journeyed here from a higher spiritual realm. It allows us to connect to our higher consciousness to access our true spiritual purpose. It will help to banish fears and insecurities, trigger imagination and new ideas, enhance strength and perseverance, and bring forth a wisdom that will set you on the path to fulfil your destiny.


MAP JASPER is a soothing stone that has a Valium like effect on the nerves. As its name implies, this stone reminds us of the interconnectedness of all sentient beings. It connects us with the universal energy and promotes connection with others. This unique gemstone is usually only found in Oregon, USA.



ONYX is a protection stone, transforming negative energy into positive, and also aids in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.



PICASSO JASPER is a stunning rare gemstone that has an abstract, modernist look, and only found in Utah, USA. It emanates a beautiful energy that stimulates creative ability to bring it into manifestation. It also enhances will power to persevere with that which one desires, to makes changes to one's life's purpose.



ROSE QUARTZ is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, and encourages unconditional love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.



TIGER'S EYE is a powerful stone that helps to release fear and anxiety and aids in harmony and balance. It also stimulates taking action to help manifest your dreams.